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Social Media and Free Speech

The current political climate has lent itself to conversations about free speech, including what people are saying on social media in Phoenix and across the nation. How can we censor ourselves from conversations in which we don’t want to be involved? Can we police who is using social media? How far is too far when […]

Using Technology to Serve our Clients

My father-in-law recently got (another) new cell phone. The reason? He said his smartphone was too smart for him and went with one that was easier for him to use. While that may work for him, using outdated technology, or none at all, in business may not be the best option. Instead, consider how you’re […]

Unexpected Mentorship Opportunities

Some of the best things in life are unexpected. Whether that’s mentorship opportunities, career changes, or even love, you’ve got be aware of what’s around you so you can fully embrace what life has to offer. Define Your Passion What are you good at and what do you like doing? For a long time I […]


Court Reporter Facts and Myths

When we say, “court reporter,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it someone sitting at a steno machine in a courtroom? Do you think it’s a dying profession? We’re here to share court reporter facts and myths so you can learn and share more about this exciting and growing profession. Myth: The […]

Details Matter in the Courtroom

When CNN Supreme Court reporter Pamela Brown incorrectly referenced the Third Circuit instead of the Third District in this report, we cringed a little bit. While there are other stories that are more impactful to the average American, to court reporters, the details matter whether you’re a reporter for a major news network or a […]

Preparing an Expert Witness

On first glance it may seem like an expert can be found online and just added to a schedule of depositions but the truth is that you’ve got to spend time preparing an expert witness. And please don’t just pick one from Google! Ask for referrals from trusted colleagues before heading to court for your […]