Court Reporter

While attention to detail and accuracy are keys to being a great court reporter, they aren?t the only characteristics that set this profession apart from the rest. Here are qualities we think make a great court reporter.

  1. Passion for learning. Whether you?re expanding your vocabulary or studying industry trends, court reporters are constantly learning. It makes you more marketable if you can illustrate your willingness to utilize new technology like real-time reporting. That translates to financial incentive for you.
  2. Focus. If you can concentrate on one subject or person for long period of time, this is a good profession for you. Court reporting requires listening to and recording testimony for hours, sometimes over a period of days. For some people this type of work is exhausting but for you it?s your passion.
  3. Organized. Whether you?re in a courtroom, boardroom, or working from home, you need to be organized so you know when to be at a deposition or appointment, even if it?s virtually. This is especially true if you?re covering more than one case. We recommend an online calendar and an app on your phone so you know where you need to be at all times. If you work from home, the calendar can also serve as work and non-work blocks of time so you know when to schedule time with family and friends. ?
  4. Punctual. A colleague once told me that being early was actually on time and being on time was late. While I am not always perfect, I try my best to be on time. As a court reporter, you cannot be late to depositions. If you?re working virtually, build in time to check technology so you can troubleshoot early and start on time. Witnesses and attorneys are counting on you.
  5. Confidentiality. You will likely hear information that is not meant for public consumption and should be kept private. Not only should you act maturely when you hear the testimony, no matter how juvenile it might be, you should also keep it confidential. You?re just there to record what it said, not comment on it.

As a court reporter, it?s your job to be focused and maintain a level of confidentiality that is professional. Continue this as you review and proofread the transcription. Your accuracy could be the difference in the case.

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court reporter shortage

It’s challenging to build a business but even more so when you’re navigating the court reporter shortage that’s happening over the next few years.

By 2018, it is estimated that 5,000 reporters nationwide will be retiring. Not only that but the average age is about 53 years old, well above the 41 year old average for all other careers.

We see two distinct challenges – keeping current court reporters engaged in their work while at the same time attracting more people to this profession. It?s challenging at best but we know we have a bit of time and we understand what it takes to be a great court reporter.

Keeping Court Reporters Engaged

As with any professional, it?s important to recognize and appreciate their accomplishments. Gone are the days of sitting in a courtroom taking testimony. More than two thirds of court reporters are now working directly with attorneys at remote locations or even from home.

That?s good for the industry for two reasons — There are still job opportunities in spite of courtrooms digitizing and working from home is more flexible. We find when we?re working from home we can actually get more done in less time which means we can spend more time with friends and family. It?s a win-win.

Attracting New People

When it comes to navigating the court reporter shortage, we, as an industry, have to be communicating the benefits of this career. Flexible schedule, earning potential, and no degree required are among the most attractive.

We?re a fairly unique industry in terms of skillset which poses challenges to attracting interest but also opportunities for the right candidates. Attention to detail, good grammar, punctuality, maturity, and confidentiality are among the qualities of a great court reporter.

We believe this near-crisis can be averted if we?re focused as an industry. It won?t be easy but we can work together to make sure courts and attorneys have what they need to move ahead.

If you have the skills we need, we?d love to talk to you about a career in court reporting!

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