No one likes surprises especially a member of your legal team like the court reporter. The more you keep them in the loop on scheduling and preparation, the better for you and your case. It will save time in getting a final deposition transcript delivered and will build a solid working relationship with a trusted reporter.


Be sure they have time on their schedule for your client?s deposition by notifying the court reporting agency. Include the time and place and notify them of changes or cancellation. If you anticipate a lengthy deposition, let them know so they can make appropriate arrangements for child care, pet care, and other personal obligations.


It?s important your witness understands their role in the deposition and delivers what you need them to deliver as efficiently as possible.

  • Answer the questions asked, nothing more.
  • Speak clearly.
  • Avoid non-words like uh-huh and gestures like nodding.

If it?s an expert witness, they know a lot about their area of expertise and can be wordier than you?d like during deposition. Encourage them to directly answer what is asked in as few words as possible. It will help to have them review reports and evidence prior to the deposition so there is limited need for clarification.

The more you prepare witnesses, expert or otherwise, the better for your case. From a reporter perspective, it saves time and gets the final transcript to you sooner.


You?ve scheduled the deposition and prepared witnesses. Now it?s time to make sure everyone has what they need.

  • Have witnesses reviewed pertinent evidence and reports?
  • Does the reporter have accurate information about the time and place of deposition?
  • Does the reporter have what they need in terms of technology and hardware?

It?s helpful to provide witness information ahead of the proceedings so there?s no time wasted on clarifying the spelling of names. Also let the reporter know if you need a legal videographer or interpreter and if it?s a technical or expert witness, provide terminology ahead of time so the reporter can familiarize themselves.

Reporters are good at their jobs and they are thorough. Providing a case caption ahead of time will be one less item they need post-deposition. That means you can get the draft of the transcript sooner which benefits you and your client.

When you call your Phoenix reporting agency, be as specific about the needs of your case as you can be so that we can match you with the right court reporter.?Ready for your next deposition? Contact us today!

Who in your life makes you laugh? According to 2016 NCRA Conference keynote speaker and humorist John Wagner, ?Humor is a powerful tool we can use to help relieve stress and connect socially. Supporting those social networks is critical in helping to get past the edge of our comfort zones.? In other words, make sure you have people in your life who make you laugh!

Wagner engaged conference attendees in laughing exercises that had them literally rolling in the aisles. It was a nice change of pace from the stress of court reporting or running a reporting agency. Sometimes it just feels good to laugh!

Everyone should have a friend whose jovial mood the room. When you send a funny email to an officemate, you love to hear them giggle. You tell a joke just to hear the wide mouth gasp or a belly laugh. That?s powerful!

Laughing refocuses your mind and body. ??

Do you ever feel stuck? Whatever you do, it just doesn?t feel right. You can?t make a decision or you make what feels like the wrong decision. Those are signs you?re in your own way. You need to move so you can grow. Whether in career or personal life, there?s always room for change. If we can laugh about it, that makes it even better.

All too often we see people who just can?t get out of their own way. You see them too. They?re the ones who are always busy but never seem to get much done. Does this sound like you? There?s a cure. Try letting the stress out with a good laugh. Then re-focus. Who knows, you may come up with new, brilliant ideas!

Connecting with others for a fun time is one of the best cures for getting out of your comfort zone. It allows you to be free and leave the tension behind, even for a few minutes. Even if you?re not the giggling type, give it a try.

Let yourself laugh. It?s good for your business?.and your health!

Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases infection fighting cells.

It allows us to get out of our own head and just be.

Laughter releases stress in your mind and muscles so that you can focus on your life in meaningful ways. Whether you realize it or not, you?re out of your comfort zone and in a more creative space in your head. That can make all the difference to your court reporting business.

It wasn?t all fun and games at the conference. Attendees also expanded their knowledge and skills to learn ways to balance working at home with spending time with family, ways to be productive, and managing transcripts to save yourself time.

Are you an attorney in need of a court reporter in the Phoenix area? Contact us today!