preparing an expert witness

On first glance it may seem like an expert can be found online and just added to a schedule of depositions but the truth is that you?ve got to spend time preparing an expert witness. And please don?t just pick one from Google! Ask for referrals from trusted colleagues before heading to court for your next case.

Prep Time

Too often we hear from our court reporters that a witness, even an expert, has not been properly prepared to testify or be deposed. Allow prep time for them to review facts and information related to the case, including their own reports and prior testimony, to prepare for their deposition. Otherwise it can lead to a long day for everyone; it?s more efficient at the deposition if you?ve prepared ahead of time.

Mastery of Facts

Allowing time also means your expert witness has a mastery of the facts and is ready to not only give a deposition but also face opposing counsel in court. There?s nothing worse than having an ill-prepared expert who may hurt rather than help your case!


We?re each an expert at what we do but not all of us can explain it in a way that relates to an audience outside our field. It?s the role of your expert witness, even in the most technical of cases, to have witnesses who relate well to the jury. Even if the information they?re delivering is complex, it needs to be explained in a way that plays well with the jury.

The Right One

Think about the case strategy when selecting witnesses. You may have the best forensics expert in the field but if they aren?t personable from the stand in a way that engages the jury to your side, it may not work to your advantage. Instead, find an expert who can not only explain evidence but who understands the importance of speaking to the jury.

Once you find the right one, take time to prepare your expert witness. It could be the difference for your client. If you?ve got the witness ready to go and need a court reporter for the deposition, give us a call!

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  1. Henry Killingsworth
    Henry Killingsworth says:

    You made an interesting point when you talked about how an expert witness needs time to review facts to prepare for a case. I would imagine that if finances are involved in a court case, it would be important to have an expert that can review how much has been affected. It makes sense to give an expert time when reviewing finances because money is really important.


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