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If you?re as alert as the Phoenix driver who lived to tell the story of his car being impaled by corrugated sheet metal while he was driving, you?ve got what it takes to pay attention through a legal proceeding!

Court reporting is a seriously rewarding business.

As reporters, we may be the quietest people in the room but we play an important role on the legal team. If we?re absent and there?s isn?t digital recording equipment available, a proceeding will likely not happen; most are required to be recorded and preserved for the record. That puts our work in high demand. Even when there is a recording, it?s court reporters who transcribe and deliver a written record.

Not only are we important to the legal process, a career in court reporting has its own rewards especially for those seeking a career where they can work from home as a freelancer. While some cases and business assignments may be weeks or months long, when it?s over you can take time with family, travel, or relax before the next job.

We?re no longer hiding in courtrooms.

Across the nation court reporters are peeking out from court and deposition conference rooms and entering the worlds of business, television, sports, politics, and community events.

Closed captioning is in high demand and for the fastest and most accurate reporters that means more opportunities to caption television shows, live events, and college classes for the deaf and hearing impaired. The increased demand for services means higher pay for some but it isn?t without its challenges.

With high demand for services comes a court reporter shortage.

Because the skills required to be a court reporter as specialized, we have a problem with student retention in court reporting schools. This has resulted in schools across the nation closing, leaving some without a place to finish their certification. Often they abandon their dream of being a reporter in favor of another program, leaving the industry set for a court reporter shortage of more than 5,000 by the end of 2018.

If you?re seeking a new career and have what it takes to be a court reporter – fast acting, attention to detail, organized, and punctual, to name a few – then we?d love to talk to you!

Need a court reporter for?an upcoming Phoenix or Scottsdale case? Contact us today!

Source?Metal Cargo Smashes Through SUV Windshield

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