Some of the best things in life are unexpected. Whether that?s mentorship opportunities, career changes, or even love, you?ve got be aware of what?s around you so you can fully embrace what life has to offer.

Define Your Passion

What are you good at and what do you like doing? For a long time I was in jobs that involved numbers and after being laid off discovered that what I really loved about my jobs wasn?t in the job descriptions. I realized my passion was people and words and not numbers and analysis. I identified people in my life who could guide me; they became my mentor team. Now I pay it forward to others who are seeking a new career.

Thinking about making a change? If you?re in a career that isn?t fulfilling but know you?re focused, detail oriented, professional, punctual, and driven, consider a career in court reporting.

Make a List of Experiences

When I say make a list of experiences, I challenge you to list not only professional experience but personal as well. Are you a speaker at business networking events? Do you admin a group on social media? Are you the person your peers call for advice? Think about what you share with everyone in your life because not every skill on your resume is developed through professional experience; sometimes it?s what you learn outside the office that?s meaningful to others, especially when mentorship opportunities come your way.

Unexpected is Often the Best

When I met the man who is now my husband neither of us was looking for love. We were spending time with a friend we had in common when we discovered we really liked being with each other. That can happen with mentorship opportunities as well.

  • You meet someone at a social event and they?re looking for a new career.
  • A member of a LinkedIn group for freelancers asks a question about how to manage their time and you offer your best practices.
  • A friend calls and asks how you?re able to work from home and you tell them how you schedule your days, weeks, and months so you can work while also taking care of home and family.

These are all unexpected opportunities to mentor others. Mentoring another court reporter doesn?t have to be a formal program. It can be answering questions in a Facebook group or sharing your experience via blog post. Whether you know it or not, you?re probably a mentor. To that I say, keep up the good work!

In Arizona, let our stellar team of leaders serve your court reporting needs. Contact us via phone at 480-481-0649.

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