Ways to Save on Your Next Deposition

Whether it is saving time or money, if you?re a member of legal team, it?s likely you are looking for ways to save on your next deposition. Building relationships, setting pricing while controlling costs, and creating efficiencies will go a long way to creating the successful firm you desire. It can begin simply by partnering with a court reporting firm.

Benefits of a Court Reporting Firm

As your Phoenix based court reporting firm, Herder and Associates strives to make your job easier by providing experienced nationally certified court reporters for all aspects of litigation, hearings, and arbitrations. We understand the importance of not only providing the right court reporters and conference rooms to our clients across Arizona, but we also strive for a seamless client experience. Using the latest technology, we build business relationships with you that we hope last for years.

It is the process and experience that saves our clients time and money and we?re proud to serve legal teams across the state. Don?t be afraid to ask for quotes from other firms (we promise we won?t be offended) as you will find we offer the best value for the money.

Opposing Counsel

On a similar note, if you?re seeking to keep court reporting costs low for your next deposition, ask opposing counsel if they would like to also use our firm. We can house the case calendar, transcripts, exhibits, errata sheets, and invoices in the same secure repository so there aren?t duplicate charges to access the same information. This will also be more efficient and more consistent than if two court reporting firms were utilized for the same case.

Video Conferencing?

Let?s face it. Arizona is a really big state making even intrastate travel costs expensive. Consider our video conferencing service rather than driving to remote locations. Not only will it potentially save you in travel costs, it can save in time as well. You can conduct depositions in Phoenix and Yuma, or anywhere around the globe, on the same day right from our state of the art video conferencing suites located ?in central Phoenix.

We like to say all you need to do is make the call to us and we can do it all. No matter where your clients are located, we have the team in place to serve you and your legal team. Contact us today to learn more.

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