Scheduling a Deposition in Phoenix

Before scheduling a deposition in Phoenix, it?s important to have specific information about the case, including witness names, to give to the court reporter prior to the deposition. While it can seem like a needless task, we promise it will help make the actual deposition run more efficiently and your court reporter will appreciate your effort.

Scope of Work

When scheduling a deposition, it?s important to understand the scope of work. That will help your court reporting firm find the right reporter for your case. If you anticipate needing a court reporter longer-term, that?s important for us to know so we can check availability of our team. If you need final transcripts on a rush status, have multiple exhibits to log, or need to hire a legal videographer, let us know ahead of time.

Specific Dates and Times

The sooner you can communicate specific dates and times, the easier it is for us to schedule our court reporters for you. That?s especially true if you have a request for a specific reporter.

We?d also want to know where the deposition will take place. If it?s in the Phoenix metro area and you need someone on-site, that is likely easier than if you need them on-site in Yuma or Globe. We can certainly do our best to accommodate those requests and/or suggest a reporter who can work remotely.

First-time Deponents

If your witness is a first-time deponent, you or someone from your legal team may want to spend extra time pre-deposition talking about why they?ve been called and what they can expect. That will help the actual deposition day run more smoothly. Your court reporter will appreciate your effort to make the witness comfortable.

Witness Names

If you can provide a witness list to the court reporter prior to the deposition, that would be most helpful. It?s their job to make sure names and titles are spelled correctly so if they can familiarize themselves with that information ahead of time, it will make the deposition a more efficient process.

Whether it?s your first time scheduling a deposition in Phoenix or your 100th time, Herder and Associates is here to help. Give us a call to schedule today!

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