Phoenix court reporting firm Herder and Associates offers advice to first-time deponents.

As a first-time deponent, the process can be quite intimidating. Marty Herder, President of Herder and Associates with 37 years of experience, offers advice to these deponents and the counsel that calls them. Begin by making the deponent feel comfortable and explain why they have been called making it important to contact them prior to deposition date so they understand what is happening at the deposition.

Herder says, ?While someone like me has worked on thousands of depositions, we have to remember there are people who have never experienced this. First-time deponents are often nervous and unsure of what to expect. Assure them they are there to provide testimony related to a specific event. Answer truthfully and to the best of your knowledge.?

Deponents often have a tendency to speak softly or ramble in their answers which can be challenging for even the most experienced court reporters.

Herder offers, ?Let the witness know they only answer what they are asked. If the question is if they know about the incident, the appropriate answer is simply yes or no. Don?t go on to tell the story until asked. The attorney likely has a strategy.?

A deposition is part of the discovery phase of a case. While cases go to court, many are settled based on what is found out during this phase making it critical for all deponents to tell what they know to the best of their knowledge.

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