The Coronavirus has us all worried about how to stay safe and healthy while supporting our favorite eateries, many of whom are offering curbside service. This got us wondering how we could continue to serve our Phoenix court reporting clients. What if more of our clients utilized our dual-encrypted, password protected remote video depositions? Over delicious takeout from Blue 32, we realized we had the answer.

Is your case starving for a discovery deposition? Herder & Associates is here to help!

Rather than postponing depositions 60 or 90 days or more while we are under a Stay at Home order, we can take it to a video conference. From the safety of your home, we can take depositions from your clients so that you’re ready when the courts open again.

Today’s technology is outstanding with both the American Bar Association and the National Court Reporters Association encouraging court reporting agencies like ours to utilize the technology, especially during these uncertain times.

In our article What You Need to Know Before Scheduling a Deposition in Phoenix, we discuss the importance of understanding the scope of work before calling to schedule a remote video conference deposition. While these standards still apply, we will also want to make sure all parties have the technology in place and know how to use it.

  • Webcam enabled device whether a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Good internet speed and hardware if necessary.
  • Choose a quiet, private place.
  • Only the essential apps or programs open on the device so streaming is not interrupted.
  • Make sure to allow time for testing the technology before the appointed deposition time.
  • If testing leads to issues, you can always call in via phone to the videoconference.
  • Turn off all notifications on the chosen device. You do not want the stream interrupted.

If one of the participating parties does not have the technology, you are only as good as them. That makes it essential to test prior to the deposition time. Find a private, family-free, relatively quiet space to conduct the remote video conference deposition. We know this may be the most challenging part of the process and we understand. We have been cooped up with our families too!

Once you find the right space and time for the deposition, get it scheduled! There is no need to put it off while the financial clock eats away at firm resources and your client’s patience.

We are here to serve you curbside. Call Herder & Associates at 480-481-0649 to schedule a remote video conference deposition today!

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