staying fit during covid-19

I’ve been an advocate of fitness nearly my entire life. In whatever capacity you’re able, I encourage you to get moving. This is especially important during COVID-19. Why? Because exercise decreases stress in the body, stimulates the immune system, and increases productivity. If you love your gym, staying fit during COVID-19 means abiding by new gym rules, which look and feel different than before the pandemic.

Current State of Business

As gyms in Arizona begin to re-open (again), and as law firms are inviting employees back to the office, even on a voluntary or as-needed basis, there are cleaning protocols that need to be in place. Employees and, in the case of gyms, members, need to be educated about new rules and expectations.

JD Supra comments that, “Although it may be tempting to reopen as soon as possible, be sure to take the time necessary and to work with counsel to figure out how to exercise a new normal while avoiding potential risks. This will not only ensure a safe workplace for employees but also help to avoid future litigation.”

I agree with that statement. I’d add that there is no guarantee that any business will be allowed to stay open, especially if protocols are not followed.

Staying Fit During COVID-19

If you love working out at a gym like I do, I highly recommend asking your fitness center what you need to do as a member to keep everyone safe.

  • Go at a less crowded time of day, like mid-day.
  • Wear a mask while working out.
  • Wipe equipment before and after each use.
  • Bring your own water to avoid sharing a water fountain.

These are simple things we can do to make sure gyms stay open.

Why is fitness important?

As if our world weren’t stressful enough, we worry that every sneeze or cough could give us the virus. Perhaps worse is that we become asymptomatic while having the virus and carry it to vulnerable members of our family and community. That’s a lot to process!

I don’t mean to scare you, only to express the importance of following gym protocols, and to impress upon you the reason staying fit now is important.

Researchers studying work and self-reported work performance asked 200 employees at three organizations to evaluate themselves on days they exercised and days they did not exercise.

On workout days, participants reported scores that were 21% higher for concentration at work, 22% for finishing work on time, and 25% higher for working without unscheduled breaks. Most notable was that 41% reported feeling more motivated to work on the days they exercised!

If that isn’t enough to convince you to take a walk during lunch, there are many studies that report working out, even just 30 minutes on most days, results in weight stabilization or loss, less stress, lower blood pressure, and better mental health and quality sleep.

Even if the gyms are closed again, we are heading into the best winter weather in the country here in Arizona. Get outside and walk. Buy an exercise bike and/or weights. There are free videos and apps all over the internet. Staying fit during COVID-19 is key to your overall health and productivity.

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