About Herder & Associates

Herder & Associates is a full-service professional court reporting agency. The firm offers state-of-the-art, nationally certified professional court reporters for every aspect of litigation, hearings, and arbitration testimony with conference rooms throughout the state of Arizona.

It’s our goal to establish a relationship with you based on trust and expertise. We understand the importance of choosing the right team for your Arizona court reporting needs, and we strive to make the process as seamless as possible for you. That’s why we have earned a reputation as a leader in Arizona for court reporting. Our staff, services, and use of best-in-class technology make us the clear choice when you need a court reporter on hand.

We specialize our services to fit your every need. Because we care. Let us be your A-List choice and schedule your next deposition by calling us now at (480) 481-0649, and you will know the peace of mind that comes with relying on the most professional and respected court reporting and litigation support services available. We pride ourselves on having the fastest, most accurate and conscientious professional reporters in the industry.

  • Accurate and prompt transcript delivery
  • Nationally Certified & Registered Professional Reporters
  • Remote video conference experts.   Real time reporters
  • E-Transcript daily copy transcripts and rough drafts
  • Exhibit management, storage, and repository
  • Experienced in complex, technical, medical and multi-state litigation
  • Free ASCIIs, keyword indexes, and condensed transcripts
  • Interpreters & Certified Legal Video Specialists
  • Conference rooms throughout Arizona

When you hire an Arizona court reporter, you want the confidence that you can focus on your responsibilities while knowing that we’re recording events and statements as they happen. If you need to review a document after a day in court to refresh your memory or prepare for the next stage, our copy transcripts and rough drafts help you do this as soon as possible.

Legal cases can become complex quickly, and working with a court reporter who has experience in complicated case types can be invaluable. That’s why our team brings you our years of experience with medical, technical and multi-state litigation.

Tired of extensive travel for depositions? Schedule your next deposition using Arizona’s state-of-the art video conferencing suites, conveniently located in central downtown Phoenix. As part of an extensive teleconferencing network, we are able to locate videoconferencing centers worldwide and will provide all the technical support you need during the videoconference.

“Make the call. We do it all.”