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Is it worth it to make a New Year’s Resolution?

It’s that time of year when people start looking back to see what they have accomplished and where they failed. What I’ve found over the years is that while it’s worth it to make a New Year’s resolution, it’s just as important to set reasonable goals. That’s because it’s too easy to look back and […]


What You Need to Know Before Scheduling a Deposition in Phoenix

Before scheduling a deposition in Phoenix, it’s important to have specific information about the case, including witness names, to give to the court reporter prior to the deposition. While it can seem like a needless task, we promise it will help make the actual deposition run more efficiently and your court reporter will appreciate your […]


Phoenix Court Reporting Firm Herder and Associates Offers Advice to First-Time Deponents

PHOENIX, AZ (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 18, 2017 Phoenix court reporting firm Herder and Associates offers advice to first-time deponents. As a first-time deponent, the process can be quite intimidating. Marty Herder, President of Herder and Associates with 37 years of experience, offers advice to these deponents and the counsel that calls them. Begin by making the deponent […]


Making Time for What Matters Most

In today’s busy and complicated world, it’s easy to get caught up in technology, political debate, or personal drama that surrounds us. It’s overwhelming and for some professionals, makes us feel like what we do doesn’t matter. Let me tell you that whether you’re an attorney, Phoenix court reporter, or other profession, if you’re passionate […]

To double space or single space?

Raise your hand if you ever took a typing class in school. <Me: raises hand.> If you’re of a certain generation, Gen X or older, it’s quite likely taking a typing class was part of your high school graduation requirements. The answer to the question of whether to double space or single space is a […]

Preparing Your First-Time Deponent

Do you remember your first court appearance as an attorney? If you were nervous, had questions, and wanted to understand what would happen, you’re a lot like a first-time deponent. It can be quite intimidating entering a room with attorney(s) and a Phoenix court reporter. To get the best from your deponent, prepare them prior […]