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Court Reporting and Technology: Throw Away Your 8-Track Tapes (Part Two)

At personal risk of being the target of attack, I respectfully address court reporting leadership’s campaign of sending out a woefully outdated 16-year-old Advisory Opinion on court reporters who video record Zoom depositions. I first wrote about this issue in Court Reporting and Technology. First, let’s recall that this is a pre-Zoom, pre-pandemic, 2006 outdated […]


Are your deposition transcripts falling short of the promise of being true and accurate? Start by looking at the certificate page.

Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) isn’t new, but now your record is in peril with its use.  Additionally, ASR companies (digital reporters) are not bound to the state and federal guidelines, skills, and code that stenographic court reporters are.  The myriad of pitfalls with digital reporting includes not only accuracy, but also reliability, unauthorized disclosure/dissemination of […]


Staying Fit During COVID-19

I’ve been an advocate of fitness nearly my entire life. In whatever capacity you’re able, I encourage you to get moving. This is especially important during COVID-19. Why? Because exercise decreases stress in the body, stimulates the immune system, and increases productivity. If you love your gym, staying fit during COVID-19 means abiding by new […]

How to Make Your Paralegal the Star

If you’re wondering how to make your paralegal the star, we recommend expressing gratitude for their dedication in this ever-changing world. Shifting from working in an office to working from home in an instant is stressful. Marty Herder, President of Herder & Associates can attest to that. He has spent the past six months providing […]