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For anyone who asks the question:

Will court reporters be replaced by digital reporting or AI:


The potential for AI to replace court reporters is a topic of ongoing discussion and speculation. While AI technology has made significant advancements in recent years, there are several factors to consider when it comes to the role of court reporters:

1. Accuracy and Complexity: Court reporters play a crucial role in accurately transcribing court proceedings, capturing nuances, tone, and nonverbal cues. Achieving a high level of accuracy in transcribing complex legal proceedings, including multiple speakers, interruptions, and technical terminology, can still be challenging for AI systems.
2. Real-Time Reporting: Court reporters often provide real-time transcription during hearings or trials. This requires immediate and accurate reporting, which can be challenging for AI systems to achieve in real-time scenarios.
3. Legal and Ethical Considerations: The legal profession has strict standards and rules for court reporting. The use of AI systems for court reporting would require careful consideration of legal and ethical implications, ensuring transparency, accountability, and adherence to existing regulations.
4. Human Interaction and Judgment: Court reporters also handle other tasks beyond transcription, such as managing exhibits, marking important moments, and working closely with judges and attorneys. These aspects require human judgment, understanding of context, and interpersonal skills, which can be challenging for AI systems to replicate.
While AI technologies can assist court reporters by automating certain tasks, such as speech-to-text conversion or proofreading, it is unlikelythat AI will completely replace court reporters in the foreseeable future. The human element and expertise provided by court reporters are highly valued in legal proceedings, and their role extends beyond mere transcription.
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Today we are mesmerized by the 50th Anniversary of the first walk on the moon. Our young newly-blended family lived in Central Florida, with “new Dad” a bright engineer working in the space program. He was delighted to wake us up at dawn to gather in the front yard so he could show his new sons “dad’s rockets” as each satellite and Gemini project launched. I miss Dad, the son of non-English speaking Ellis Island immigrants, who learned to speak English in first grade, “from the wrong side of the tracks” who respected the importance of totally assimilating into the country that he loved dearly and later proudly served as a Navy man. Dad went on to become a Villanova graduate and the epitome of the opportunity, freedom and greatness that America has to offer. I’m blessed that the memories are still crisp of the summer of 1969, standing there beneath the palms with my older brother, holding my new baby sister, engulfed by the humid Florida air permeated by the aroma of the citrus groves. We sometimes struggled to keep up as Dad enthusiastically explained jet propulsion, gravity and orbital circumnavigation. We were in awe in many respects, as a family and as a country. We were finally a whole family, reunited, static, safe, loved. And, the country was healing, united for an electrifying snapshot in time as Americans were authoring a new chapter in the history of mankind. Strangers from every walk of life, background, race and religion gathered around TVs everywhere, in stores, offices, restaurants and homes. For a moment, people were uniquely united and proud to be a part of something bigger: Being American.

I’m proud of dad, of his peers, his industry and of our country. They pursued greatness and achieved the impossible. They brought diverse groups of people together through their efforts, even if only for a moment. My heart and respect goes out to all the men and women of the space program who have dedicated their lives to this amazing and noble pursuit.


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When was the last time you thanked your court reporter? If you?re like a lot of people, the holidays are a time to sit back and appreciate all that you have – family, friends, colleagues, and your legal team. When people feel appreciated, they often do more than is expected of them. That can make your life a lot easier! Start today by thanking?someone in one of these ways.

Send a Thank You Note

No one gets handwritten mail anymore. It?s just bills and junk mail. Every once in a while we get a handwritten note and it truly makes us feel special. My husband and I have made a commitment to send more thank you notes this month and into the New Year to express our gratitude to personal and business connections. We couldn?t do what we do without their support, same for you and your court reporter.

Token of Appreciation

Just this week I received a card and gift card from a client thanking me for not only being there for them professionally but as their friend. That gesture truly warmed my heart and reminded me that it?s the little things that people remember. It?s how we make them feel appreciated that builds relationships.

Make sure your court reporter knows they?re appreciated this holiday season and year round by sending a token of appreciation like a gift card for coffee.

Tell Her (or him) About It

Somewhere in the midst of texting and social media we?ve lost the ability to talk to each other. I remember when I started working my boss would come out of his office to tell me he appreciated my work or the boss walked the floor of my retail job to hand out bonuses.

The next time your court reporter goes above and beyond for you, pick up the phone or take them to lunch to thank them for their dedication.

No matter how busy life gets, remember to thank the people who matter whether that?s a friend, spouse, or your favorite chocolate-loving court reporter.


A job that rewards good character.

A job that rewards good character.

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Leadership: Building Leaders of Tomorrow

Did you start as a clone of an excellent leader from your past? ?We all have that one mentor that completely changed the landscape of our career path.? Have you run with that assistance and become an average or excellent leader?? Which do you believe will bring you the most success?? What defines the two?? Quickly the conversation turns to mentoring.

Excellent team members, (future leaders) are no accident.? They are also?not the result of being led by tyrants, bullies or self-serving misogynists.? The strongest team members are groomed by those who take the time to be excellent leaders.

Rising stars are rarely created by senior leadership that is too vested in barking out directives, duties and deadlines week after week, but rather by superiors who invest the time to engage in an interpersonal relationship with a team member’s professional success.?? You’ve seen it time after time, a leader that rules without positive reinforcement and coaching falls short of his peers, is unliked, and often miserable.

If your objective is to lead a dynamic team of successful rising stars, like yourself, start with the objective to clone yourself, one person at a time. ?Define your own strengths and gifts, what you bring to the table, as well as the pitfalls that you’ve had to maneuver through to get to where you are today. ?Focused talent development is an efficient and effective tool to drill down on each teammate’s strengths, and takes a selfless leader, willing to care about those he is charged with leading.

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