Our Services

Real-time court reporting

We capture what happens and make it available to you as a copy or draft as soon as possible. Our court reporters are experienced and dedicated, having worked with numerous types of litigation and arbitration. When you hire an Arizona court reporter, you want one who is up to speed and can provide you with fast turnaround on the data you need most. It’s our goal to make your job easier, so we focus on accurate transcripts that you can evaluate and review promptly. You’ll get an e-transcript daily and rough drafts so that you can use what happened today to plan for tomorrow.


Cut down on travel by hiring a court reporter to connect with you via live video-conferencing in one of Arizona’s deposition suites equipped with technology. Our comprehensive teleconferencing network means that you can get a realtime reporter when you need that service with as little hassle as possible. These video-conference suites available in downtown Phoenix mean that you can accomplish necessary depositions faster and at a reduced cost without having to travel far. Combine this with our daily copy transcripts and rough drafts to maximize your time.

Legal videography

Legal videography is becoming increasingly common, but one fact remains: you need a provider who understands your concerns and has access to top technology. Whether you’re planning to use legal videography for pre-trial preparation, a deposition, sharing how a client’s daily life has been impacted, or for another purpose, legal videography can help you tell a story that may have an important impact on the case outcome.