Alex RodriguezA-Rod?s lawyers want to ensure privacy of?the Record as he is being questioned about personal medical issues.? Rightfully, the?judge has indicated, as with?EVERY witness,?that there are valid concerns about sensitive medical queries becoming public, as?A-Rod’s?counsel seeks to avoid leaks of his testimony.
But what about your client’s transcript?? Or, is your client making you an accomplice to violating Federal HIPAA compliance?

What if the reporter works for a national, third-party contracted firm that, like most, are completely unregulated by the host state in which the deposition is being taken?

Once that …reporter “turns in” the electronic file of the transcript to his/her out-of-state contractor, (shares custody/control), what protection or prohibition is there from that testimony & private personal information going public once it resides in the massive database of the out-of-state,?unregulated, third-party contractor and their carrier clients?

These are the issues that?state leadership across the country demand that we in the legal and reporting community address and shore up, in spite of all the?feigned indignation?that we would dare impugn the Great and Powerful?Oz, who publicly market and advertise that they pass around data with their other clients?like Chiclets at a border crossing.

Alex Rodriguez Wants To Keep Video Deposition Uncirculated