Local vs. National

Local vs. National


Why are you letting your client pay Wall Street page rates in, say, the Grand Canyon State, when the most experienced, highly respected professional court reporters own businesses in your back yard??? Insist that your personally-vetted, LOCAL court reporting professional be present at your deposition.

Locally owned companies with a vested interest in the community, in fact, do create a greater economic impact, indirectly supporting more jobs, payroll and output locally.

National “body brokers” of court reporting services, by their very nature, are controlled from central headquarters ? which could be anywhere in the world.? In many instances, they do not even have a brick-and-mortar business in your state, and they blindly throw a dart into an unknown pool of anonymous reporters. Sound familiar? They are making decisions based on factors which might not have anything to do with what is right, or legal, for one particular location, business or community. Any cost-containment or savings promised by a national firm is illusory, as rates from all over the country much higher than local rates are calculated into their price matrix.?? In many cases, you are simply throwing your client’s money away.

Several of these national firms who procure exclusive third-party contracts with carriers, have a history of suing individual states (taxpayers), practicing in gross violation of local codes, and even bankruptcy, leaving local vendors, consumers and property owners holding the bag for unpaid services, payroll and leases.

Think of your client first.?? Operating under an exclusive contract with a supposedly-neutral officer of the court doesn’t even pass the sniff test of impartiality.?? Does it??? You and your client are being charged more for the layers of administration for like or inferior customer service.

Locally-owned, community active, with all the litigation-support services a national agency offers;?Arizona?Litigation Support, LLC. National certification and experienced, with personalized owner-operated service.??

Conference rooms, experienced certified reporters and videographers throughout Arizona. We are your cost-containment specialists.


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AZ Litigation Support, LLC1) ?Locally-owned reporting agencies provide all the court reporting-related litigation-support services available in the national marketplace efficiently and without needless costly layers of administration under the snake oil of “economies of scale.”

2) ?Independent locally-owned reporters are truly impartial, not owned by the carrier, and will not subject you and your client to unethical business practices by being contracted to a party-in-interest.? You have the right and duty to demand your client is protected from themselves at every turn in the litigation process.

3)? Your local reporter, the individual who actually attends your deposition, is personally vetted by YOU and your firm, not by an uninformed bean counter on the other side of the country who doesn?t trust your judgement, and who has been duped by a slick national marketing campaign.

4)? Locally-owned agencies reinvest money into the local and regional economies; they do not siphon off significant dollars to other states, regions, counties or countries.?? You have the power to strengthen and enrich YOUR community.

5)? Locally-owned agencies have a proud long-term track record of consistent, professional commitment to providing attentive, value-added services to their market and clients.

6) ?Volume discounts come with a price and are no bargain when the service rates for the network firm you have been calling are appreciably higher than the comparative service rates of your local reporter-owned reporting agency.

7) ?Arizona court reporters are bound by a Code of Ethics that addresses, among other things, a prohibition on kick-back incentives for scheduling with the agency, as well as establishing contracts at below-customary rates, which would compromise, or give the appearance of compromising, the necessary impartial role of the court reporter in proceedings. ?National reporting firms have used the defense that they are not bound by this same Code. ??A unique defense to skirt ethical violations, until you and your client are on the opposing side.

8) ?Arizona licensed CRs are required to attend continuing education seminars on relevant local rules, updates, technology and business practices in order to maintain their certification.

9) ?Local reporter-owned agencies know the importance of providing upfront, itemized billing without hidden costs or overcharges to cover incentive programs.

10) ?Reporter-owned agencies have been historically efficient at networking among themselves with known, personally-vetted peers to provide coverage for the legal community, and offer the highest level of service available at the most economical cost.

[Statements on this blog reflect the author?s personal opinions and do not reflect the views or policies of any other organizations or institutions with which the author is affiliated. ?My opinions are not intended to malign any ethical and code-abiding organization, company, or individual.]