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Top TEN Reasons To Engage The Services of A Local Reporter-Owned Court Reporting Agency

1)  Locally-owned reporting agencies provide all the court reporting-related litigation-support services available in the national marketplace efficiently and without needless costly layers of administration under the snake oil of “economies of scale.” 2)  Independent locally-owned reporters are truly impartial, not owned by the carrier, and will not subject you and your client to unethical business […]

Alex Rodriguez Wants To Keep Video Deposition Uncirculated

A-Rod’s lawyers want to ensure privacy of the Record as he is being questioned about personal medical issues.  Rightfully, the judge has indicated, as with EVERY witness, that there are valid concerns about sensitive medical queries becoming public, as A-Rod’s counsel seeks to avoid leaks of his testimony. But what about your client’s transcript?  Or, is your client making you an […]