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POTUS Delivers 6th SOTU. Thanks Official Court Reporter For His Service

President Obama used his sixth State of the Union address before Congress to reiterate his call for political compromise.? Reactions to the SOTU were predictably partisan and non-productive.?? It is difficult for the American people to see where?anyone on either side of the aisle?is listening to “We The People.” The 10% extreme fringe of each […]

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U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit to Hold Oral Arguments in Arizona

  Here is an exciting opportunity! As part of its statewide public education effort, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit will hold oral arguments during an upcoming visit to University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law, Ares Auditorium, January 29, 2015 This judicial visit will include arguments in 3 […]


Local Court Reporter Marty Herder Contributes to New Book Court Reporter Survival Guide

Local Court Reporter Marty Herder Contributes to New Book Court Reporter Survival Guide features heartfelt collection of stories for professionals and students The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA), the country’s leading organization representing stenographic court reporters, broadcast and CART captioners, and legal videographers, today announced that Marty Herder, a freelance court reporting firm owner of […]


Local vs. National

  Why are you letting your client pay Wall Street page rates in, say, the Grand Canyon State, when the most experienced, highly respected professional court reporters own businesses in your back yard??? Insist that your personally-vetted, LOCAL court reporting professional be present at your deposition. Locally owned companies with a vested interest in the […]

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Important Changes Govern Court Reporting and Their Impact on Arizona Attorneys

Overwhelming support of the Bar at: Important Changes to the Arizona Code of Judicial Administration Our deepest respect and appreciation to membership of the Arizona Bar, the Court Reporting Board, the Committee on Superior Court, The Task Force on Certified Court Reporting Regulation, the Arizona Judicial Council, and the Arizona Court Reporters Association.?? The recently-approved […]

Sen. Kimberly Yee honors the Arizona Court Reporters Association for National Court Reporting and Captioning Week

Earlier this year Sen. Kimberly Yee (10th LD) presented the Arizona Court Reporters Association a Senate Proclamation?on the Arizona Senate Floor in honor of National Court Reporting and Captioning Week. ACRA leadership was then also introduced and recognized In Session before the full Senate body, as Sen. Yee generously praised the historical significance of court […]

Top TEN Reasons To Engage The Services of A Local Reporter-Owned Court Reporting Agency

1) ?Locally-owned reporting agencies provide all the court reporting-related litigation-support services available in the national marketplace efficiently and without needless costly layers of administration under the snake oil of “economies of scale.” 2) ?Independent locally-owned reporters are truly impartial, not owned by the carrier, and will not subject you and your client to unethical business […]

Alex Rodriguez Wants To Keep Video Deposition Uncirculated

A-Rod?s lawyers want to ensure privacy of?the Record as he is being questioned about personal medical issues.? Rightfully, the?judge has indicated, as with?EVERY witness,?that there are valid concerns about sensitive medical queries becoming public, as?A-Rod’s?counsel seeks to avoid leaks of his testimony. But what about your client’s transcript?? Or, is your client making you an […]