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Election Day!

Election day! Whether you are conservative or liberal, young or old, whether your candidate comes in 2nd, 3rd, or never made it out of the gate, please remember that we have the privilege of living in the greatest nation in the history of mankind.?? Whatever the outcome of this election of these two flawed candidates, […]

Leadership & Law

A good leader leads the people from above them. A great leader leads the people from within them. – M.D. Arnold Congratulations to our good friend Steve Hirsch of Quarles & Brady LLP, who was recently honored at the 20th anniversary celebration of the William E. Morris Institute as one of the founding members and […]

Real-time Court Reporting and the Political Debates

?Are you getting all this?? That?s the question we?re asking the real-time captioners covering the political debates. With candidates interrupting and talking over each other, it was challenging to watch the debates, much less report in real-time! What is real-time reporting? The world is a fast moving place filled with information. The sooner it can […]

Tips for a Better Deposition

When you hire a Phoenix court reporter, it can be easy to just schedule them for a deposition and forget they need preparation just like you and your witness. The result? A frustrated reporter who may not be able to deliver what you need on the date you need it. It takes time. If you?re […]

2016 NCRA Conference — Let Yourself Laugh

Who in your life makes you laugh? According to 2016 NCRA Conference keynote speaker and humorist John Wagner, ?Humor is a powerful tool we can use to help relieve stress and connect socially. Supporting those social networks is critical in helping to get past the edge of our comfort zones.? In other words, make sure […]

Social Media Tips for Court Reporters

Social media has become a part of the professional landscape and whether you?re just starting to test the waters or a social media junkie, you can use it to build your professional reputation, showcase your skills, and make new networking connections. How you use social media makes the difference between building a reputation for professionalism […]

3 Reasons for Taking Breaks During the Work Day

Do you feel like you have so much to do and little time to do it? You?re not alone. Even though many court reporters work from home, we?re working throughout the day. We might even skip lunch just to get one more project completed. We think working continuously means we?re getting more accomplished but this […]

Qualities of a Great Court Reporter

While attention to detail and accuracy are keys to being a great court reporter, they aren?t the only characteristics that set this profession apart from the rest. Here are qualities we think make a great court reporter. Passion for learning. Whether you?re expanding your vocabulary or studying industry trends, court reporters are constantly learning. It […]